KNX Aktor 20out/18in (200µF)

KNX Aktor 20out/18in (200µF)

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KNX Aktor 20out/18in (200µF)

Makel Germany

529,00 € zzgl.MwSt
629,51 € inkl. MwSt.


Schalten Sie KNX Geräte im Smart Home mit einem günstigen 16 fach KNX Aktor ► 2 Jahre Garantie • Schaltaktor • Universalaktor → Licht schalten → Geräte schalten → Jalousien steuern → Rolladen steuern ♥ schneller Versand ♥ Mengenrabatt

C-Last Aktor mit 20 Ausgängen a 16A (200µF) und 18 integrierten Eingängen

EAE Room Controller Unit is an all-in-one KNX device to control various different room units from a single interface. Room Control Unit provides control of lights, blinds and fan coils as well as optional dry contact inputs.


General Specifications

Does not require an external power supply

Room Control Unit covers all requirements of control in room applications and offers following functions:

  • Light switch
  • AC/DC blind control
  • Fan control
  • Fan Coil Control (2 & 3 point valve)
  • Dry contact inputs

Switching resistive, capacitive and inductive loads in accordance with EN 60669 with following functions:

  • Staircase
  • External logic
  • Priority
  • Threshold
  • Operating hour
  • Sweep

18 independent input channels with following universal interface functions:

  • Switch / push button input
  • Dimmer control
  • Shutter/blinds control
  • Value transfer
  • Scene control
  • Counter for count pulse