High Power Single Channel Amplifier

Ultra-Compact High-Power single-channel class D Audio Powered Amplifier

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Ultra-Compact High-Power single-channel class D Audio Powered Amplifier

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ltra-Compact High-Power single-channel class D Audio Powered Amplifier. Two versions are available, one medium power version capable to deliver 300W on 8R impedance and the high power low impedance version capable to deliver 500W on 4R at less than 0.1% THD. The maximum output power of the high power version IRS500SMPS Amplifier module at 1% THD, supplied at 230V mains voltage is 627W. The IRS2092SMPS powered amplifier module features balanced input, 10Kr impedance, In-Out tap for Volume Potentiometer, Mute, Status, Shut-down, Temperature monitor and aux. voltage supply. Due to the fact that it has on-board high efficiency SMPS it only requires mains voltage, in range of 210-250V AC 50-60Hz, for 230V version or 100-130V 50-60Hz for 120V version. In addition, version 2.0 can provide an aux. voltage of +-15V for external circuitry such as preamplifier, filters or signal detection circuitry. It has full protection set implemented: ouptu short-circuit protection, over-current, two stages of over-temperature with mute/release at over-temperature first threshold is reached/cleared 90/85*C and latched shut-down when second threshold, 95*C is reached, temperature monitor pin for external circuitry, under-voltage, over-voltage (if excessive bus pumping is experienced due to severe low frequency content or DC component at input) mains voltage presence/absence which will activate the IRS2092SMPS powered amplifier module only when is supplied with mains voltage within required range. And the most important, DC fault protection, latched shut-down protection which will disable the power supply section once a DC component with value over 10V is detected on speaker output for more than 60ms, protecting the speakers from DC component damage. The size of the amplifier is 150mm long, 50mm wide and 36mm tall from the board base, and total height 42mm including 5mm spacers under pcb. . With a weight of the board alone of less than 300 grams, it can reach a power density of 1.8W/gram and an overall volume of just 18 cub. inch has a power density of 28W/cu.inch, being the most compact powered amplifier in it's class, available on the market.